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In 2011, Sarah Turner [] created Dijolife []. From humble beginnings teaching local women in her community, Dijolife has grown to now encompass over 50,000 women globally.


Sarah is a bestselling author, a solopreneur, a female mindfulness and authenticity coach and a hater of “toxic positivity.” She is passionate about changing and empowering the discussion around female mental health so that other women never have to find their space “below rock bottom.” 


Dijolife was born from Sarah’s experience as a Naval Officer.


Sarah is a Royal Australian Navy veteran, having joined at 17. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in history and politics; is a classified International Category A Hydrographic Surveyor, and is a qualified yoga and mindfulness instructor.


Sarah served during the Gulf War and at age 23 she was one of the youngest ever qualified female navigators. During her Naval career, Sarah excelled as a leader. This was recognised in the positions, she held some of the highlights which included the coordination of international deployments and leading the Australian border force and search and rescue operations. She was awarded the “Hugh Pathard” memorial award for excellence in Leadership.


But by age 30, her past trauma and high functioning anxiety were deeply impacting her professional life. She just couldn’t hide behind her “mask of perfection” anymore and in 2010 she was medically discharged from the military with PTSD, anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse. Her mental health rapidly deteriorated as she battled, shame, redundancy, addiction and debilitating anxiety.


She felt like her life was over. If she wasn’t this high achieving Naval Officer, who was she? That same year her “ta da” moment arrived when she fell pregnant with her first child. In that one “light bulb” moment, she made the brave decision to heal her past trauma and create a new future for her family. As a daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and the Granddaughter of a WW2 Veteran, Sarah understood the cyclical pattern of trauma and was determined to not pass this legacy to her children.


This began a journey that led her to become a qualified yoga instructor in 2012. She used her scientific and leadership backgrounds to create a fresh and authentic approach to healing and Dijolife was born.


Dijolife is an acronym of two of her children’s names, Dixie and Jordy, a daily reminder of what started her authentic journey. Sarah is passionate about helping women live free from anxiety and teaching them to find the courage in owning their authentic story.


In 2021, Sarah started Dijo Clothing in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Sarah creates her own unique brand of mindfulness clothing. Empowering women through her original healing patterns and relaxed designs. With limited small batch’s, ethically sourced fabrics and near zero waste, Dijo clothing is for the unique woman who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Sarah is now the proud mum of three wonderful children, with baby Sage being a surprise welcome, in 2018.

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"I am the queen of this empire, your opinion is no longer required."

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